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Before #DNW, MK + GC toured together in the iconic roles of the witches in Wicked for a year, performing in 15 different cities all over the US and in Canada. Their time was filled with wild local adventures, exhausting travel days, late night culinary experiments, songwriting sillies, and lots and lots of Wicked. 

One reviewer in Indianapolis noted:


"By far one of the best scenes to showcase this talent is during the song 'Popular'... This scene between Morrissey and Mason was such fun for the audience that the actresses nearly broke character in the midst of their antics. It was a joy to watch and made their friendship that much more believable."


When COVID19 shut down Wicked on Broadway where GC was playing Glinda and Mean Girls Tour where MK was playing Janis, the friends decided to start a business team-teaching people forced to stay at home during the pandemic. Kids who's shows had been cancelled, pre-professionals who wanted to take advantage of advanced training, and theater lovers presented with the opportunity to spend the time learning the foundations of what it takes to tell a story from Broadway actresses. 


They started with space for 16 students and have now over 100 returning students across the globe who inspire DNW to create more advanced classes, opportunities like singing in front of top casting associates and agents, and labs filled with Glindas, Plastics, Fiyeros and more. The passion the two have developed for teaching and caring for the students in the studio is what ignites the Double Name Witches community. 

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