The Disappearing Man, A Folk Opera at Cloud City

After a successful EXTENSION of packed and sold out performances, Mary Kate playing Sarah, the Magician's Lovely Assistant, joyfully closed the The Disappearing Man at Cloud City in Williamsburg.

THE DISAPPEARING MAN… a new folk opera that takes place backstage at a small-time circus in 1936. When the headliner is offered another job, each of the performers in the motley troupe must decide whether to adapt to change or fight to keep the family together.

CLOUD CITY: a Brooklyn factory converted into a performance space, theater and gallery, with aerial points for acrobatics and endless possibilities for great story telling.


DIRECTOR: Shakina Nayfack.


AN AMAZING CAST AND ORCHESTRA: Mike Longo, Mary Kate Morrissey, Jason “SweetTooth” Williams, Luke Wygodny, Katie Melby, Andrew Lynch, Jeremy Morse, Jeremy Yaddaw, Lizzie Hagsdedt, Brian Cavanagh-Strong and Jahn Sood.

We are producing THE DISAPPEARING MAN at Cloud City because we want to give our audience the feeling they are walking into the WORLD OF THE CIRCUS.When you go to the theater in the traditional sense, you are aware of a stage, velvet seats, a big proscenium arch and a red velvet curtain that separate you from the performers. The play is something you get to look into from the outside.THE DISAPPEARING MAN is story about being on the road, and instead of letting you observe the road, we want to take you with us. In this show, the performers will tell their stories directly to you in the same way they tell them to each other.In Cloud City, there is no dividing line between audience and performer. The backstage is the stage. There is hay on the floor, acrobats warming up on the silks and drunken clowns struggling to put on their costumes and do their makeup before the circus begins. We aim to take you inside the world of the circus, on a journey far more intimate than watching a play. The show will run for 7 shows, from Jaunary 17-25, 2014.


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